How to Get a Free Mattress for Low-Income Families?

Many families in the United States are facing this same challenge. Fortunately, some organizations offer free beds to low-income families in need.

If you are from a low-income family struggling to afford a mattress, consider approaching these organizations for assistance.

Access to comfortable sleeping arrangements is a critical need in low-income communities. They can provide free bedding and other furniture to help you create a comfortable home for your family.

These charities and organizations are critical to filling this gap by redistributing donated beds and mattresses to those in need. Don’t let financial struggles stop you from getting a good night’s sleep.

Take advantage of these available resources and give your family the gift of a comfortable bed. When families are struggling with money, they have many places to turn to for help.

State governments, local charities, and religious groups are also there to help. Thus, some institutions provide beds to families who have little money.

It’s about beds, mattresses, and everything that comes with them. These groups are about helping people get the sound sleep they need for everyday and healthy living.

You’d be surprised how many not-for-profit churches and groups do this. They want to help families in their area who only have a little money.

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How to Get a Free Mattress for Low-Income Families?

Providing free mattresses is not a big deal, but getting them free without paying money has its challenges. The Salvation Army Mission or St. Vincent de Paul can provide quality free mattresses.

With less money, your mind never thinks about the cost of your bed. You can get free beds for low-income families without much effort because almost every welfare group supports low-income families and individuals.

All you have to do is strengthen the need for beds among low-income people and business families. This section provides essential information about getting a free mattress and related platforms, organizations, and community centers.

Commercial furniture stores often turn over their inventory stock to give away to your local free bed stores so you can get free beds.

Please keep checking in there; They can offer you bedding and mattresses at maximum discounts of up to 90%. Low income mainly affects single mothers and women in the society.

Their earning resources are strained, so they need help to meet necessities like mattresses. That’s why most low-income families rarely buy new beds; They retain old ones. It’s very reasonable for their budget plan, but the cost can empty your wallet when you’re done shopping.

The same applies to hotels and penthouses where they regularly change their mattresses for their customers and dispose of old ones.

They can give you their used bedding for free. We have briefly examined free bed programs and explained how low-income families can get free beds.

Some businesses will provide you with a mattress for free if you have a low-paying job or can’t afford one for some other reason.

Among them, free beds for low-income families are one of the most significant contributions of the contemporary period.

Many federal and government initiatives can provide free beds to low-income families. And many charity organizations often offer such programs.

This page will discuss getting a free mattress and who is eligible for free mattress programs. You can get detailed information about free mattresses from this article.

Now, below are some organizations that provide free mattresses for low-income families. You can check here for free beds offered by organizations and community groups.

  • A local charity house
  • Goodwill Industries
  • Binghamton Free Stuff Classifieds on Craigslist
  • Sabbath Community Center
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Freecycle network
  • National Furniture Bank
  • Liberation Army Campaign
  • Hotel and Penthouse
  • Big brothers and big sisters

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Who Are Eligible for Free Mattress Programs?

Who Are Eligible for Free Mattress Programs?

Low-income families and individuals struggle to afford many items in daily life, including mattresses, because they cannot afford them due to tight budgets.

The Low-Income Families Program helps such families or individuals get free mattresses. You must meet specific eligibility criteria to receive a free bed through this low-income program.

It has a free mattress program that ensures that families or individuals who need it meet these criteria. Here are some examples of who may be eligible for a free mattress:

  • Homeless and unemployed persons are eligible for this program and can get furniture, including free mattresses.
  • Low-income families, single fathers, and mothers are eligible for this program and can get free furniture for their newborn babies.
  • Needy families moving into a new home or expanding their home can qualify for this program and receive furniture, including free mattresses.
  • Families affected by fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions can qualify for these programs and receive free mattresses.
  • People with disabilities, veterans, and senior citizens can qualify for this program and get free furniture based on their needs.

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Who Is Preferred for Free Mattress Programs?

Who Is Preferred for Free Mattress Programs?

For Free Mattress Programs: When you are looking for a free mattress program, many groups may be eligible for it.

However, the free mattress program is preferred for those who need it. In which preference is given. Here are some groups of people who have priority for the free mattress program:

Senior Citizens:

  • If they cannot afford a mattress, they should be given one at cost.
  • Various programs have highlighted the importance of providing free beds based on age and advancement.
  • And those who are elderly should research programs that offer free mattresses.


  • The most unhappy people are those who have lost everything in their lives.
  • In eviction, they lose their homes, property, and money.
  • The lack of beds here can harm people’s health.
  • Many programs have free mattresses available to help people experiencing homelessness achieve this.

Low-income families:

  • Low-income families cannot afford a bed or mattress.
  • Good sleep is only possible if you have a mattress. But only certain things are dangerous to humans.
  • Low-income people are the target audience for the free bed program. Exceptionally, single parents may be eligible for complimentary housing for their children.

Persons with Disabilities:

  • Programs that provide free mattresses recognize this need and offer free mattresses to persons with disabilities.
  • People with disabilities receive priority treatment according to their medical needs. Lack of beds can cause inconvenience to people with disabilities.

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How to Get a Free Mattress for Low-Income Families?

There are several options for applying for free beds for families who cannot afford them for various reasons.

Many charitable organizations will require such families to fill out a registration form. They may also ask if you can sometimes get a referral from a case worker.

1. Furniture Bank:

  • While applying for free furniture from Furniture Bank, you will be given a proposal filled with information about your income, total savings, assets, etc. Most of these financial institutions will prioritize single-parent families and families with young children.
  • People are experiencing homelessness, physically disabled, and older adults. In many cases, the imposer will not comply with most civil standards.
  • Some applications are rejected because the applicant’s income is insufficient to meet the requirements. There can be many methods for this.
  • Some requests are denied because the applicant’s income is too high to meet the needs. The application may sometimes come from an inactive region.
  • Furniture Bank also partners with businesses, governments, and non-profit organizations to ensure their services reach everyone in need. And if you want to find a furniture bank near you, click here.

2. Second-hand stores:

  • Even if your requests are rejected, you can still get cheap household items from second-hand stores by explaining why.
  • Thousands of such stores can be found across the country. People willing to donate to the general public often get together to provide free mattresses for low-income family members.

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Free Mattress from Mattress Companies

Free mattresses from mattress companies: You may be surprised to know, but yes, getting a free mattress from any mattress company is possible.

You can get a bed from one company, use it for about 100 days in most companies, return it, and then do the same with another company, third company, etc.

This period varies from company to company. And it’s important to know that you must pay for the mattress before getting it for testing. But if you return it to the company before the trial period, you will get a refund from the company.

This is an effective way to get a free mattress from this company, but of course, you can get a refund from another company. You can get a free bed.

Below are some mattress companies offering you a free trial bed, which you can return after using for about 100 days. Remember when the trial period ends and change the bedding on time. You can check the organizations listed below:

  1. Avocado Green Mattress: Avocado Green Mattress sells mattresses made from natural and organic materials. And it offers everyone a 100-night, risk-free mattress trial. So you’ll get a full refund, and someone will pick up the mattress from your doorstep. As there are no restocking fees, you get a full refund.
  2. Ghostbed Mattress: Ghostbed Mattress has the tagline, “Ethereal comfort with cooling technology,” and sells mattresses made in the United States. It offers a 101-day trial.
  3. Bear Pillow: Bear Mattress offers mattresses designed for optimal comfort, cooling, and recovery. You can try any of the company’s mattresses for up to 100 nights. You will be eligible for a full refund and no hidden charges.
  4. Avia Mattress: Avia Mattress offers indoor mattresses online. You can try one of its mattresses for 100 nights. And if you don’t like it, you can return it for a full refund. There will be no charge for this restocking, and the company will pick up the mattresses free of charge.
  5. Casper: Casper is a well-known mattress company that offers a 100-night trial. So, from the day you buy the mattress, you can try it for 100 nights. Beds in a box are becoming more popular, delivered straight to your door. You’ve probably seen ads for some of these companies on TV, including Casper, Lisa, and Purple. And after this test, you can return the mattress and get a 100% refund. And this Casper will send a returning partner to pick up your bed.
  6. Nectar Sleep: lets you try its mattresses for 365 days. So, if you need a free bed and want to return it for only part of the year, Nectar Sleep is the company to check out. And when you return the mattress, the company will take it back for free.
  7. Plush Beds: Plushbeds offers mattresses made from organic and natural materials. It provides a 100-night trial. The company will refund the amount you paid after deducting round-trip shipping charges.
  8. Gelfombed: Gelfombed offers an impressive 365-night trial. You can return it and get a 100% refund. It does not charge a return shipping fee; no hidden fees will exist. One thing to remember is that adjustable bases are excluded from the exemption. Instead, the mattress refund amount is determined after deducting the flexible base charge from the order total.
  9. Satava Mattress: Satava Mattress offers eco-friendly, luxurious mattresses. You can get a 120-day trial of the bed that this company provides. You will receive a full refund, which does not include the $99 shipping cost. However, there is zero recharge charge.
  10. Luxi: Luxi offers memory foam mattresses. There are two commonly available tests. One of them is a 100-night trial. Another is the impressive 1,000-night trial. However, this is only available with the Luxy 3-in-1 mattress, which you will get a refund once you return it.
  11. Sleep Number: Sleep Number offers adjustable beds, memory foam mattresses, children’s beds, bedding, and more. You can try one of the brand’s mattresses for 100 nights. It is important to remember that return/shipping delivery charges will apply to returns, and unique items, such as adjustable bases, are not included in the free trial. Check the website to find out which items qualify for a free trial.
  12. Helix Sleep: Helix Sleep offers a 100-night trial. Once you contact the company for a refund, they will arrange for the mattress to be picked up, and you will receive a full refund.
  13. Brooklyn Bedding: Brooklyn Bedding is an American manufacturer of mattresses. There will be no return fees, and that’s great! Shipping is always free on deliveries and returns. And you can try a free mattress from Brooklyn Bedding for 120 nights.
  14. Voila Mattress: Once you decide to return the mattress, the company will help you recover the removed bed, and the purchase price will be refunded immediately. In this, you can get a 100-day trial on Voila Mattress.
  15. Amor Bedding: You can try one of its mattresses for 100 nights. When you return the mattress, Amore Beds will pick it up for you and give you a full refund. J Amore Beds offers brand-name mattresses at low prices.

It is essential to know that most companies allow only one free trial per customer. Many mattress companies will recycle these returned mattresses or donate them to charities.

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Organizations Providing Free Mattress Assistance to Low-Income Families

If you are researching it, you will be happy to know that many organizations and charities are ready to provide all necessary assistance to deserving individuals. Nonprofit organizations provide free beds to low-income families facing economic hardship.

There are also websites like Freecycle and Craigslist that can help you find free mattresses. Additionally, you can get free beds by contacting such organizations and donors.

Many people donate free mattresses to charity. Charitable organizations give these to those who cannot afford them. It helps low-income families and people in need get free beds.

It’s good to see them supporting the less fortunate. Now, here are some organizations and charities that can provide free beds:

St. Vincent de Paul Society:

St. Vincent de Paul is a charitable organization famous for helping needy people. One of the top organizations helping those experiencing poverty, those experiencing homelessness, and the elderly is St. Vincent de Paul.

It aims to improve the lives of ordinary income earners. Hundreds of these charity organizations have established this organization.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul provides free refrigerators to eligible low-income families to help improve food storage and nutrition. You may need bedding, which this organization offers just like furniture.

This organization consists of hundreds of charity organizations and works for the well-being of low-income people. It operates thrift stores across the country that offer a variety of items, including bedding and furniture.

For the most part, these items are economical to buy. However, St. Vincent de Paul often provides these items for free to low-income families or those in need.

To know about the application process and the availability of beds and other supplies, you can contact your nearest St. Vincent de Paul.

The applicant can be any family member, senior citizen, or person in financial crisis or needing furniture. Applications for free beds for low-income families must also meet the eligibility criteria.

This program is available to families who:

  • There is no working refrigerator.
  • Gross annual income at or below 200% of the federal poverty level.
  • They need the means to buy a fridge.

You can apply for the program by contacting your local St. Vincent de Paul Society if you meet the eligibility criteria. You can find the location on the official St. Vincent de Paul website.

Free Beds from Love Inc.:

Free Pillows from Love Inc. is another charity that provides free mattresses to low-income families. LOVE INC (In the Name of Christ) partners with local churches across America to offer various services to their communities.

One such initiative of theirs is free beds. And it is designed to provide free beds for low-income families. Now, if your income is low and you can’t afford it, you can also get a free mattress.

It works with local organizations and provides free transportation services and meals. You can also get chairs and tables if you cannot afford them.

Besides mattresses, it also carries food preparation equipment, transportation, and other home remodeling furnishings.

They support the immediate needs of individuals in their communities while providing long-term solutions. Contact a local LOVE INC associate to learn more about their free bed program.

Family-Friendly Furniture:

Furniture for the Family is a California non-profit organization dedicated to helping families in need. Free Furniture, bedding, and interior decoration are available for those families.

Even if you need a free bed or mattress and are low-income, you’ll still need to undergo a screening first. Their main goal is to provide free Furniture to low-income families, including necessities like bedding.

The FFF referral form helps human or social service organizations manage this system. Your FFF calculation must be given to the case manager.

This should be given to the case worker. You will be given a new free bed if you are eligible for Free Beds for Low-Income Families.

Here is the official site of Furniture for Families. They strive to provide families with financial difficulties with a stable and comfortable environment.

With the help of this Furniture, furniture-like beds are also available for families at any price.

A case manager will determine your eligibility for a new, free bed or mattress. You can contact them directly for more information about their services and application process.


Beds4Kids is a privately owned charity that provides free mattresses to low-income children. With the help of this service, children and adults can get free mattresses.

The Beds4Kidz program focuses on providing beds to children who do not have one. The organization connects generous donors with families who offer beds to underprivileged children.

As an applicant, you must submit your photo ID compulsorily. They serve it on a first come, first served basis.

This is also a self-service program, meaning you must pick up, drop off, and transport the mattress yourself. You can get a maximum of three sets of mattresses for each household. They do not provide any transportation service.

Each house can be furnished with a maximum of three beds. The program is from Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm.

In it, you can connect through Facebook for all the latest updates. Receiving full beds under this program is subject to certain conditions.

which will require your identification. And more importantly, depending on your situation, you may be eligible for a free mattress.

And the organization believes that every child deserves a good night’s sleep in bed. You can contact them for more information about their operations or how to apply.


FreeCycle is a collaborative web-based organization that helps users find second-hand furniture like rugs.

These mattresses are accessible to ensure that even low-income people can get them for their homes. People who clean beds from their homes provide these mattresses without payment.

Even though this bed is used, it comes with a new look and high quality. So you can find this site for free mattress toppers, a great deal if you don’t have to pay anything for the mattress.

Freecycle provides free but used mattresses. These beds are made available free of charge to ensure that low-income individuals have such free mattresses for their homes.

All mattresses are accessible to those who get rid of their old ones. These available beds are provided free of cost to ensure that low-income families can get such free beds for their homes.


There may be a free mattress distribution program near you on Craigslist. And if someone has a lot of furniture, they want to eliminate some.

It is relatively easy to get such furniture for free. You can ask around for free mattresses to find good ones.

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How to Get a Free Mattress Near Me?

Providing free mattresses can help families move out of places where they don’t yet have a natural home. Low-income families suffer every day; They cannot afford to buy mattresses.

This is why getting a free bed is a boon for them. Fortunately, there are many options where they can make their lives happier by getting free beds near them.

Thanks to some kind organizations and donations, these families can put their little ones to sleep in perfect beds at night.

If you know someone who is struggling and needs a pillow, ask them to talk to the groups below. They can help determine if a bed is available and how to get it.

Moreover, it is about more than just providing beds. This is a responsible way to help those families and improve their quality of life.

So, if you want to help, here are some ideas to help low-income families get free mattresses. If you are also looking for “how to get a free mattress near me,” here are some options that will help you get a free mattress:

Visit Thrift Stores and Furniture Stores:

Thrift and furniture stores near you are great places to find free mattresses. Some thrift and furniture stores provide these items to low-income families as part of their corporate social responsibility.

These stores adjust discharge schedules for older items to accommodate new interests. Discharge schedules are set at specific times of the year, and old goods are sold at significantly discounted prices.

And if you explain your needs and situation to these shops, they can provide you with a free mattress without charging a single penny.

Ask about hotels and apartments:

You can contact your local hotel for a free mattress and tell them about your need and situation for a free bed.

Then again, good hotels may have some beds they don’t use. Often, some tenants leave their old mattresses behind when they move to a new apartment.

Additionally, many homeowners want to get rid of old rugs when remodeling their homes. Additionally, they want to give their bed a brand-new look by refurbishing them occasionally.

When they plan to replace their bedding, they may contact you to get rid of the old bedding. You can ask the apartment complex manager, landlord, or rental property manager for a free mattress.

Visit a flea market:

A street or flea market is where you can find used items at low prices. Flea markets always sell second-hand items; You cannot acquire new property there.

But this can be a great way to get quality mattresses at a low price, where you can decide to buy them after testing them. And even low-income families can get furniture vouchers from here.

Visit Yard Sales:

Yard sales can be a great way to find free mattresses near you. Yard sales sell lots of stuff at low prices. And when you go here at the end of the day, you will find many vendors who are tired and want to dispose of their wares.

If you find a seller who does not sell mattresses, you can ask him. They will bed you at any cost to get rid of the stuff.

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Can You Get a Free Mattress from Amazon?

Yes, Amazon can offer free and discounted mattresses, but only for a specific limited time, and they are updated regularly.

To get a free mattress from Amazon, keep an eye on their deals page and sign up for their newsletter to receive notifications about upcoming promotions.

So you can get a free bed from Amazon, keep an eye on their deals page, and sign up for their newsletter to get notifications about upcoming promotions.

Amazon offers limited-time promotional deals and discounts on various products, including mattresses. These promotions include values such as Amazon mattress giveaways, special vouchers, or limited-time discounts.

These promotions include Amazon mattress giveaways, special vouchers, or limited-time discounts. Amazon offers special discounts on sleep products, including mattresses, bedding, and sleep essentials.

You can find this deal on the Amazon Sleep Products page. Amazon offers limited-time promotional deals and discounts on various products, including bedding.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Where Can Low-Income Families Get Free Mattresses?

Various organizations, charities, thrift stores, and online platforms like Freecycle and Craigslist offer assistance to low-income families in need of mattresses.

What Are Some Organizations That Provide Free Mattresses for Low-Income Families?

Some organizations include St. Vincent de Paul Society, Love INC (In the Name of Christ), Furniture for the Family, Beds4Kids, Freecycle, and Craigslist. These organizations aim to assist those in need by providing free bedding and furniture.

Who Is Eligible to Receive a Free Mattress Through These Programs?

Eligibility criteria vary but generally include homeless individuals, low-income families, those affected by natural disasters, senior citizens, people with disabilities, and veterans. Specific programs may have additional criteria.

How Can One Apply for a Free Mattress from These Organizations?

Application processes differ among organizations. Many may require individuals to fill out forms detailing their financial situation and need for a mattress. Some might require referrals from case workers or social service agencies.

Are There Options to Obtain a Free Mattress from Mattress Companies?

Yes, some mattress companies offer trial periods where customers can return the mattress within a specified time frame if not satisfied, resulting in a full refund. Companies like Avocado Green Mattress, Ghostbed, Bear Pillow, and others provide such trial offers.

Can Amazon Provide Free Mattresses for Low-Income Families?

Amazon occasionally offers promotions and limited-time deals on mattresses and sleep products. To access such offers, individuals can check the Amazon Sleep Products page or subscribe to their newsletter for notifications about upcoming promotions.

What Steps Can Low-Income Families Take to Find Free Mattresses in Their Area?

Low-income families can explore thrift stores, furniture stores, flea markets, yard sales, and even local hotels or apartment complexes to inquire about the availability of free or discounted mattresses. Networking within the community and exploring online platforms like Freecycle and Craigslist may also help in finding free mattresses.

How Can Someone Contribute or Donate Mattresses to These Programs?

Individuals willing to contribute can contact the mentioned organizations directly to inquire about donation procedures. Some may accept gently used mattresses or financial contributions to support their initiatives.

Why Is Access to Free Mattresses Crucial for Low-Income Families?

For low-income families, obtaining a free mattress can significantly impact their quality of life by providing them with a comfortable and essential piece of furniture they might not afford otherwise. A proper mattress is essential for good sleep and overall health.

What Are Some Prioritized Groups for Free Mattress Programs?

Prioritized groups often include senior citizens, homeless individuals, low-income families, and people with disabilities due to their critical need for proper bedding and sleep support.

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